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Manufacturer and supplier of hair since 2009.

A&B hair – Factory No. 1 for the production and sale of natural human hair with experience in the international market for more than 8 years.

  • Collection of raw hair in the territory of the CIS countries and Thailand.
  • Manufacturing natural 100% human hair products, hair extensions, wig.
Our location
  • In Russia a warehouse is organized where all the collected Slavic hair in the territory of the CIS countries. Here there is a disinfection of hair and preparation further hair extension products   and the manufacture of wigs.
  • In Thailand, our factory is located, where the production of various products from natural human hair  such as  weft, wigs, hair extensions, etc.
  • For the convenience of transporting bulk orders in Austria, Vienna, we have a sorting center for sending.
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Our mission
hair supplier • since 2009

Best price. Best quality

Our factory does not work with low-grade hair - this is a one-time deal, which completely contradicts the policy of our company. The hair industry is a wide range of services, and we are the starting point from which many people’s activities are developed in almost every continent of the world. We are aware of this enormous responsibility, and the main thing for us is the competitiveness of our partners and warm relations with them..

Our values
hair supplier • since 2009


The main value of our company lies in the quality of our products. Along with highly qualified service and the most competitive price on the market of natural hair, it is worth noting the long-term and invaluable experience of our employees, thanks to which A & B hair will surely satisfy everyone in its structure and quality - from veterans of the postiger business to beautiful ladies who want to add beauty and shine appearance.